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Buying Water Filter Jugs Online

The Essential Guide To Buying Water Filter Jugs

filtered-water-in-a-jugWe have all seen a water filter jug at some point. They are jugs typically stored in the refrigerator with a filtration top and reservoir on the bottom. But, what do they do, and why are they so popular? 

We wanted to find out the answers to these questions and more. When looking for a water filter pitcher, it is important that you understand a little bit about how they work and what they do. Let’s take a look.

What are the Best Water Filter Jugs?

We’ve compiled a list of the best water filter jugs that you can buy online. Visit this page for useful reviews on these products with links on where to buy water filter jugs online.

How Does A Water Filter Jug Work?

The fundamentals of water treatment are the same in all water filter pitchers. Water flows through the filter cartridge. This cartridge filters out contaminants and leaves purified water in the reservoir.

These pocket-sized water cartridge filters are designed to purify only a small amount of water and must be replaced every one or two months. However, they will last an average household a few months and are very inexpensive and simplistic compared to other water filtration systems.

How To Use A Water Filter Jug

pouring-water-from-water-filterYou only need to fill the pitcher with water. Then, let it pass through the filter cartridge and into the reservoir. This can be used at home or on the road in many cases. It doesn’t require electricity and isn’t overly complicated.

In less than fifteen minutes, you may have filtered, clean, and clear water without the high cost of bottled water. You not only save on the high costs of bottled water but also save the environment at the same time. A water filter jug can be reused repeatedly and poured into a reusable water bottle.

What Do Water Filter Jugs Remove?

Depending on the manufacturer, different pitcher filters have varying types of media in them — most employ activated carbon to minimize impurities and pollutants. Activated carbon works by attracting contaminating molecules and causing them to cling tightly to the carbon.

The Brita Marella water filter pitcher and Brita Maxtra filter pitcher, for example, employ an activated carbon filter to remove mercury, cadmium, copper, zinc, and chlorine. These are substances that impact the taste and smell of the water. This is generally the reason for using a water filter pitcher. Most tap water is safe to drink directly from the tap. However, to have better taste, people enjoy a water filter jug.

Water filter pitchers are a popular way to purify your water because they are simple to use and inexpensive. Annual filter prices range from around $30 to just under $200 per year. Making them affordable for many!

Who Has The Best Water Filter Pitcher?

The best water filter pitcher will be determined by what type of water you have and what you are looking to do with it. Many water filter pitchers are relatively the same. They have a filter at the top that you pour the water over and a reservoir at the bottom with a spout to pour into a glass from the reservoir.

This means it is perfect for both home and on-the-go use. However, what contaminants you are looking to filter is important. Some filters are better equipped for things such as filtering out chlorine, while others are best for calcium and other contaminants. Finding the best water purifier for you and your family will take a little research. You may find this page useful